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Producing rabbit meat for sale involves more than just the processor. It involves the actual raising of the rabbits. This page will give information and answer some questions about how domestic rabbits are raised for meat production.

What is considered a meat rabbit?

Meat rabbits are domestic rabbits that are raised for meat production. There are many breeds of rabbits that are considered meat rabbits. However, most rabbit processors only purchase either New Zealand White rabbits or Californians. Most of the rabbits purchased are called fryers. These are young tender rabbits that are between the ages of 8-12 weeks.

What foods are meat rabbits fed?

Domestic meat rabbits are fed a nutritionally balanced pelleted diet that consists of alfalfa and other grain products. The feed contains No hormones, No antibiotics and No animal by-products.

Where are meat rabbits raised?

Meat rabbits are raised throughout the United States as well as around the world. Here in the U.S. most meat rabbits are raised in hanging wire cages. The structures that are used to house the rabbits differ from farm to farm. Some farmers use open sided structures while other farmers use enclosed buildings. Rabbits are raised on farms with as few as 10-20 females (called does)and raised on farms with as many as 800-1000 does. Most of the rabbit farms in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana are small and family owned and operated.

What is so great about rabbit meat?

Rabbit meat is a fine-grained all white meat. It has a slightly sweet flavor and absorbs flavorings and spices easily. It is low fat, low in cholesterol, low sodium, high protein and easily digested. Rabbit meat can be easily substituted in recipes that are made with other meats such as chicken.